Graffiti Removal Methods On Different Surfaces

Graffiti is defined as any type of public marking that appear in forms of writing or painting. Creating graffiti on public property like buildings, walls, fences or posters is a punishable crime since it is considered to be vandalism. Spray paint and marker pens are most commonly used to create graffiti. Here are some tips that help you with graffiti removal on your property.


The important aspect to keep in mind while trying to remove graffiti is the type of the surface that is affected. Proper care should be taken during graffiti removal to make sure that the surface does not erode or get damaged. Make sure to erase the paint within 24 hours.

  1. Metal Surfaces
  2. Wood Surfaces
  3. Plastic Surfaces
  4. Glass Surfaces
  5. Masonry Surfaces

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